FARSÁLI Rose Gold Elixir( 30ml )

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Featuring 24ct gold flakes and rosehip seed oil, this radiance-boosting oil is a highly effective lightweight moisturiser, which will leave skin healthy, hydrated and glowing. It’s also every beauty blogger’s secret weapon; taking the beauty world by storm (one Instagram post at a time) this ingenious elixir makes the perfect primer and can be mixed with make up products. A flawless finish? Too. Easy.

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  • Simply stunning as a lightweight moisturiser, Farsáli’s Rose Gold Elixir earns its title thanks to its precious ingredients. Pure 24ct gold flakes absorb into skin to leave it glowing and radiant, while the base of rosehip seed oil – made up of 77% fatty acids and high in linolenic acids, vitamin C and vitamin A (retinol) – helps to plump and hydrate, reducing the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Kind to all complexions, this serum has caused a social media furore and gained an esteemed position in some of the most-viewed make up routines Instagram has to offer. It’s ideal for hydrating lips prior to applying lipstick (especially your favourite liquid matte) and it can be blended with your base product or used as a primer for a glowing, flawless finish. And the fun doesn’t stop there – this ingenious, uplifting, citrus-scented elixir miraculously revives dried cream products, offering a new lease of life to the concealer, contour, highlight and brow products you thought were beyond saving.


    Hydrating Lips:
    It can be used to hydrate lips before applying lipstick. The Rose Gold Elixir effectively keep lips from drying out, especially when using liquid/matte lipsticks, without affecting the finish. TIP: Make sure to let the drops absorb into the lips before applying lipstick.

    Mix With Foundation:
    Use 1-3 drops to mix with your favorite foundation (we recommend a full coverage matte foundation) to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

    Revive Dried Cream Products:
    Sometimes cream products can tend to dry out. Instead of throwing them away, just add 1-3 drops to your favorite cream concealer, contour, highlight, or brow pomade, to bring them back to life!


    Start by dotting your foundation onto your skin first, then apply 1-2 drops on a damp beauty sponge (or brush) to blend in your foundation for a glowing finish. For those with dry under eyes (or requiring extra hydration), you can also use with concealer and contour. First apply concealer under eyes, followed by cream contour. Then apply 2 drops of Rose Gold Elixir to a damp beauty sponge (or brush) and blend in. This makes blending easier, while the 24k Gold helps achieve that radiant glow!


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