7 Tips To Increase Your Sales On an Online E-Commerce Store

Maintaining sales on an E-Commerce store is a difficult tasks.With the passage of time we learned some tricks that have saved our day many times in for increasing sales.Let me tell you about very important tips that i have learned for increasing our sales on our Online E-Commerce Store.The following are the tips:


  • Connect to the customer Connect with customers on an Online E-Commerce Store
  • Understand the interest, concern and need of the customer.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Realize the importance of your product to the customer.

After it you will be able to connect to the customer. And connection of you and the customer is the most required thing. Many sales man don’t focus on connection between them and their customers.They just keep conveying their information and wanted to convince their customer by it. But conveying or convincing 90% doesn’t matter if you are not mentally connected with the customer. When you are 80 to 90 % connected to your customers then your 10 to 20 % convey and convince will work as 90 % to the customer. 

  • Respond quickly on your Online E-Commerce Store (Facebook etc.)Respond quickly to customers

First of all In big companies that are handling Online E-Commerce stores, many of their sales is due to their quick response to the customer.

If you are messaging, then your customer should not wait more than 30 minutes for your response.And if your customer is calling you either on cell phone number or on net,then answer the phone in few rings as possible. And say “This is XYZ speaking. How can i help you?”. It will realize the customer that how company care for them.

  • Don’t ask incomplete questions.
  • Keep upgrading the quality of your response.
  • Don’t handover the call to the others.
  • Keep Listening Again and Again:
  • Don’t argue or interrupt the customer.
  • Everyone wants to be heard. And for your customer you have to put yourself in their shoes.
  • You should be a good listener. Listen more than you talk.
  • After listening say “Yes, Mr John I understand, you are right”.
  • Calm yourself and Apologize :

While dealing with angry customers, remember you are dealing with human.

  • Lower your voice and speak in calm tone.
  • Don’t take it personally (even if customer does) and be in manners.
  • Guarantee them that problem will be solved and then resolve the issue on time.
  • Focus on “What you can”. Don’t say “you can’t”. Then offer some practical and workable solutions and focus on one of them.
  • Don’t make empty promises.(e.g ‘Definitely’ or ‘I will’’)
  • Don’t defend yourself by blaming someone else.
  • Understand the situation, then say ‘sorry’.
  • Admit your mistakes. (e.g say “You are absolutely right, that’s totally our fault”)
  • Don’t over-apologize, because the word ‘sorry’ will lose all of its meaning if you say it too often.
  • Don’t lose trust because it’s hard to get it back. (e.g if you say ‘within three days’ then it should be ‘three days’ )


  • Improve your Communication Link :

For improving customer relationship through social media like facebook etc.

  • The first thing you should keep in mind for developing your Online E-Commerce store is to determine that where your targeted customers are? Check that which social media many of them are using.
  • Get this information through feedback and suggestions.
  • Create account on major social sites and reach out to the customers. Then focus on one site at a time and expand it.
  • Establish your relationship through empathy.


  • Ask for Referrals :
  • You happy customers are the key to get you more customers.
  • One good word of mouth will make a chain of customers for your Online E-Commerce store.
  • Ask your happy customers to recommend your shop,store or website to their friends and relatives. For this, you could offer some kind of gift, incentives or big discount to your happy customers.You can even post the status about it on your website.


  • Maintain Feedback :
  • Do short surveys on your site.(e.g Give 5 to 6 MCQs to the customers and get data from it for your Online E-Commerce store.
  • Feedback can also be taken by directly reaching the customer.
  • You can maintain structured process for receiving feedback from your customers.(e.g feedback box )
  • Collect data from extra comments of customers.
  • Get opinions from suggestions.


Hence by following these tips you can have major increase in the sales of your Online E-Commerce Store.You can contact us for further or customized queries we would love to help you.

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